iStock-176007664_Medium.jpgEmpower yourself and children who need it most when you request a reading through Fernlight Tarot. With part of your payment donated to the world-renowned charity UNICEF, together we can help bring about a world full of love and light where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive and realise their full potential. Not only will your reading answer questions you have and enable you to find balance, harmony and direction in your life, but you'll also be ensuring those in dire situations will receive help too.


UNICEF (the United Nations Children's Fund), like Fernlight Tarot, has a mission of empowerment –empowering children who need it most by promoting the rights and wellbeing of every child in everything that they do. With special focus given to those who are most vulnerable and excluded, they turn commitment into practical action and have worked for the betterment of children's lives across the globe since their founding in 1946.

iStock-534370061_Medium.jpgUNICEF'S INITIATIVES

With an immeasurable number of worthy causes to support I decided upon UNICEF because of their broad range of programmes that tackle the hardest of the world's humanitarian issues: child poverty, violence, disease and discrimination.

From ensuring child protection and survival, providing education and emergency assistance, advocating for gender equality and inclusion and continuously innovating and researching to provide the best and most effective solutions to children, UNICEF serves to provide a strong, healthy foundation for a child to build their life on.


UNICEF has provided daily meals to millions of children, have and do supply millions with the basic clothing they need, and have made medications and immunisations that are essential for health and survival accessible to millions who otherwise would have suffered.

UNICEF's work runs deeply, with many different arms that reach more than 190 countries and areas, and unfortunately their work is far from over. There are still millions of children's' lives that can be drastically improved and UNICEF needs our help to continue to do so.


Book a reading with me at Fernlight Tarot and breathe easy about your next move in life by receiving assistance to create your best future, while also enabling vulnerable children to receive assistance to create their best future. Together let's spread love and light and help UNICEF provide the means children need to live a healthier, higher quality of life.