"Thank you, Charlotte. your reading was very helpful, and I am trying to find a way to use my "gift" that doesn't affect me negatively. It's good to know I'm on the right path. Thanks once again you are a natural at reading the cards."

Jodi, USA

"I want to thank you for such an impressive accurate reading. I truly loved how you explained the method you used for the reading, the cards used and the fact that you included a card that had fallenout whilst shuffling. Your reading has helped me to feel positive about my situation and in finding a resolution.When I requested my reading, I was spending time meditating and being outdoorsand so I was extremely pleased to see that for the second part of the reading you suggested those type of activities for me."

Liz, Ireland

"I found the whole experience to be a positive one, and I feel reassured that I am protected and I am being well looked after.You are a gifted and special lady. Thank you."

Maria, Spain

"Dear Charlotte, thank you for the time and heart that you invested in doing a reading for me. I found it pretty accurate. I'm now at a stage in my life where I want to explore my freedom and relationships. The reading helped me to see the other person in a new way. I guess I was feeling a bit guilty for not being able to make this relationship work. The last card confirmed what I was feeling – moving away from the situation and breaking old patterns. I now feel empowered to make a new start. Thank you very much Charlotte."

Casey, Canada

"Dear Charlotte, thank you so much for your reading, you have summed up my feelings perfectly. I have been struggling with my feelings in this relationship for too long and it really is time to let it go before I'm destroyed completely. It's so sad but I know there is something better out there - I know it. Even though you're so far away in New Zealand from where I live, you have been able to do the reading so accurately - distance doesn't matter. Thank you."

Kristi, Philippines

"Thank you so much for your reading. I have been wondering if it's time for me to make changes in my life, and I think the cards you drew for me were spot on and really got to the heart of my problems. You have helped me to have faith in myself again, I have not had this feeling in a very long time. Thank you, Charlotte."

Heather, United Kingdom

“Thanks a lot for the reading. It represents exactly my current situation as I am still stuck with my old family patterns.  I will try to follow the advice and look within to understand what I really want for me to move on rather than let the stuff going on outside of me tell me what I should be doing.”

Vanessa, Australia

"Amazing reading, it aligned with a reading I did for myself. I have always had a passion for communicating with Angels and God, and found working with tarot was something I loved doing. I have just been wanting confirmation. You have definitely helped me."

Lea, USA

"Thank you for your time and energy.What you have told me has helped me understand my situation a lot better. And, it has also confirmed that my life path involves communication and writing."

Bianca, Italy

"Thank you for the reading Charlotte. Your reading was inspirational, and I now know that the more positive changes in me will have a positive effect on my family. The Angel therapy healing card I felt was so right for me. Thank you so much"

Ursula, Lithuania

"Great reading. Certain events did unfold the way the reading described. It was amazing how accurate and insightful it was. Thank you, Charlotte."

Ava, Brazil

"Charlotte, thanks for taking the time and energy to provide me with a comprehensive and interesting reading full of insights, encouragement and hope. I liked the professional manner in which you structured the layout of your reading. I am very appreciative of the explanations you gave to the respective 8 cards. They all made sense and brought much clarity to the way forward. Your reading felt as though you were right in front of me speaking to me directly. You answered my questions and the messages were definitely appropriate to my situation."

John, USA

"It's a wonderful feeling when you come away from a reading knowing that you have plenty of resources, strengths and support. thank you for taking the time and blessings!!!!!!!!!"

Carly, Australia

"I so love your reading. Your reading gives lots of details which for me is really helpful, I understand now how to move forward in my life. A heartfelt thank you"

Kathryn, Canada