About fernlight tarot

My name is Charlotte and I am the founder of Fernlight Tarot.

My philosophy is to bring insightful messages from the divine that empowers you to create a life that aligns with your highest self.

The symbol of a spiral also known as a Koru has been used as a logo. It represents an opening fern frond, bringing new life and purity to the world. It also symbolizes peace, tranquillity and new beginnings and when interlocked with others it represents the strength and purity of a loving relationship with a family.

Why Work with Me?

I am a natural spiritual intuitive or psychic which means I was born with a heightened sense of intuition and psychic ability to know, feel, see and hear things. I am also a medium which means I talk to dead people. It sounds pretty crazy I know, but it is what it is.

I was born with a sixth sense but for fear of persecution and ridicule I kept it all to myself. As a young adult, curiosity got the better of me and I began to study "woo woo" things and everything in between. I have studied Metaphysics, attended spiritual development workshops, meditation workshops, energy healing courses, I studied and received certification in Tarot Reading and Angel Card Reading, I have studied psychic mediumship with Lisa Williams. I am constantly learning new things about new ways of living a holistic life.

What started off as a hobby has now turned into a career and with the support of good friends and fellow lightworkers, I came out of the closet and am now living my best life sharing my life experiences and imparting knowledge and divine wisdom to others so they can live their best lives too. The feedback I have received over the years has been phenomenal and I feel truly blessed to receive such gratitude.

I have provided readings to lots of people around the globe so distance is not an issue. I can connect into your energy in the same way as you sitting right in front of me. I am also an energy healer so if I am guided by spirit to include energy healing in addition to the reading then I will do that too at no extra cost.


Why use Tarot and Oracle Cards?

I often use a combination of tarot and oracle cards in my readings so the experience you have will be the most complete at the time of your request.

The Tarot cards tell a story about a person's journey through life which includes major life issues (the major arcana) and everyday issues (the minor arcana). They hold rich imagery and symbols. Oracle cards don’t have the same structure or order as the tarot but they do provide guided messages that help to navigate you out of challenging situations or strengthen your decision making.


My readings will offer you support through challenging times and provide you with choices and possibilities that you may never have considered before. You will be shown the cards drawn in your reading, helping you to better understand the answers you are seeking and get back on track to living the best version of yourself in this life time

With Love and Blessings


Share the Love

iStock-176007664_Medium.jpgEmpower yourself and children who need help most when you request a reading through Fernlight Tarot. Part of your payment will be donated to the world-renowned charity UNICEF.

"I found the whole experience to be a positive one, and I feel reassured that I am protected and I am being well looked after.You are a gifted and special lady. Thank you."

Maria, Spain