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Love and Relationship

When things go wrong in a relationship or the relationship just isn't working or if you are looking for a soulmate and want to know what you can do to attract that someone special in your life, then a love and relationship reading is for you.

$75.00 NZ



Career and Money

When you are struggling financially and want to create more prosperity in your life or when you want to change career or start your own business but not sure which direction to take, then a career and money reading is for you.

$75.00 NZ




When you are seeking insight and ideas to bring positive change into your life, to find your life purpose or to raise your vibration to attract all the things you desire, then a self-awareness reading is for you.

$75.00 NZ


When you book a reading you will receive a written reading that will be emailed to you as an attachment in PDF format. So please go ahead and select the one that fits your needs the best, fill out the form below and make your payment via PayPal. If you can’t find one that fits your situation you are welcome to contact me, Charlotte, directly at

Once I receive your request and payment I will acknowledge your request and get back to you if I need more clarification on the question or situation you seek answers for. Please allow between 5 to 10 days for your reading to arrive in your inbox. Also check your spam and junk emails because they can sometimes end up there.

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iStock-176007664_Medium.jpgEmpower yourself and children who need help most when you request a reading through Fernlight Tarot. Part of your payment will be donated to the world-renowned charity UNICEF. Read More



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